6 Procedures Your Pediatric Dentist Can Offer

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Are you ready to start taking your child to the dentist now that they have teeth growing in? If so, you'll definitely want to visit a pediatric dentist. They can offer your child the following procedure as your child's teeth continue to grow.

Exams And Cleanings

The most common reason to visit a dentist is for exams and cleanings. These are crucial when it comes to ensuring your child's teeth and gums are clean and healthy. A pediatric dentist is going to have more knowledge of how a child's teeth develop in their early years and will be able to provide the proper exam and cleaning that they need. 


Once your child has their adult molars, it is a great idea to have dental sealants placed on your teeth. These sealants essentially cover the most common part of the molars that get cavities, which can give your child some much-needed protection from decay during a time when they may not be the best at brushing their teeth. 

Fluoride Treatments 

One of the benefits of your child having a fluoride treatment is that it will strengthen the enamel on the teeth and prevent cavities from forming. A fluoride treatment can be provided at the time of an exam and cleaning, and it is quick and easy to do. The worst part is that your child won't be able to eat or drink for a short while afterward. 


Your pediatric dentist is also able to fill cavities if your child does get one. This is even important to do if the child has a baby tooth with a cavity in it. That decay can spread down to the root of the tooth and potentially impact the adult too that will come in underneath it.


Your child may have an excessive amount of skin between their teeth that makes it hard for the teeth to close the gap that forms. A frenectomy can remove that excess skin so that the teeth start to slide together. When a frenectomy is done at an early age it can reduce the need for braces later in life. A pediatric dentist that offers this procedure will be likely to recommend it when they see a need.


If your child's teeth are not moving as they should, spacers can be placed on their teeth to make room for the adult teeth. It's another technique to make sure that your child's teeth are growing in the proper direction.

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