Three Unexpected Perks Of Having Your Teeth Straightened

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When you get braces, chances are the only thing you're really thinking about is improving your bite and the alignment of your teeth. While braces excel at doing just that, as it is their intended purpose, that's not all they can do for you. Your adjustment could also potentially reward you with these three benefits.

Easier Flossing

Flossing isn't enjoyed by most people, but those who want to keep their teeth do it anyway. Even so, it can be difficult to floss if your teeth are overly crowded. Without enough space between them, floss can shred, leaving you with little bits of it stuck between your teeth, potentially painfully. Alternatively, the floss may simply get stuck -- especially if you have plaque or tartar build up -- and you might not be able to floss between certain teeth at all.

Once your teeth have been straightened, they'll have an even amount of space between each one. This will allow you to floss easily and without all the added hassle of shredding floss.

Less Jaw Pain

Do you ever have jaw pain from gritting your teeth, either in your sleep or during the day? This might get easier for you after you've had braces.

For some people, gritting teeth is unavoidable. It's not necessarily due to stress or anger, but instead, the alignment of your jaw. If your teeth aren't correctly aligned, stress isn't evenly distributed when your jaw is at rest. It can put too much strain and stress on a few teeth, resulting in pain in your jaw.

Once your teeth are straightened, they'll provide a level, even surface for your upper and lower jaw to rest together. This will reduce strain on your jaw and potentially help you to avoid temporomandibular joint disorder, too.

Better Jaw Line

Could your appearance benefit from braces? Yes!

People with overbites and underbites are often unhappy with the way that their jaw line looks. This is because it can be either overly prominent or not prominent enough, respectively, if you have one of these conditions.

Braces help to fix overbites and underbites by adjusting the lower and upper jaw back to where it's supposed to be. This means that your jaws rest together comfortably, yes, but they also help to give you a more standard, healthy appearance.

Having your teeth straightened will give you the straight smile you're looking for, as well as one or all of these benefits. Talk to an orthodontist to start the process of getting braces.