What To Do If You Dislodge A Tooth During An Automotive Accident

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Sometimes, when a person is injured in an automotive accident, his or her teeth are also damaged. In some instances, a tooth may even be knocked from the mouth during the incident. As a person's head strikes a dashboard, steering wheel or other components in a car, the force may push the tooth out of its socket. Here are a few measures that you can take at the scene of an accident to help preserve a dislodged tooth and prepare to see a dentist.

Place the tooth in the pocket of your inner cheek.

A dislodged tooth can be preserved in a cup of milk or in the pocket of your cheek. At the scene of an automotive accident, it is unlikely that there will be a glass of milk available, so keeping the tooth in the mouth will likely be the only option. If the tooth can be placed back into the socket and held in position, that is great. However, the inner cheek is also suitable. Just be sure to keep the tooth inside the mouth so that the soft tissues that are attached to it do not die. It is essential for these components to remain living if the tooth is to be successfully reattached into the mouth.

If there is debris on the dislodge toot, rinse it with bottled water.

At the scene of an automotive accident, you may not have access to a sink. However, many people keep a bottle of water in their vehicles. If your tooth has fallen to the ground and accumulated a large amount of grit or debris, rinse It gently with the bottled water.

It is important not to scrub or rub the tooth vigorously as you are rinsing. Scrubbing the tooth may damage the soft tissues that are still attached to it.

In addition, be sure to avoid soaps or detergents when rubbing the tooth. These may not be available at the accident scene. However, some people do carry hand sanitizer with them. This should not be applied to the tooth. Only rinse with pure water before placing the tooth back into the mouth.

Call your dentist.

A dislodged tooth requires emergency dental treatment. The longer that the tooth remains disconnected from the mouth, the greater the chance of an unsuccessful reattachment. Thus, it is important to notify a dentist at a place like South Shore Smiles while still at the accident scene.

To learn more about preserving a dislodged tooth and receiving appropriate treatment, schedule a consultation with a dentist in your local area.