Cosmetic Dentistry: Changing Your Look One Chomper At A Time

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Some people want to change the look of their teeth because their teeth are naturally yellow, gray, or even brown. Other people would like to change the look of their teeth because they are crooked or have gaps between them. Luckily, these people will have options available to help them achieve their desired look. However, there are also other people who want to change the look of their teeth in a way that gives them a unique look. Some people may want prominent fangs and others may want to have a tattoo put on one of their teeth. These people will also find that there are options available to them. You can learn about some of the different ways you can change the look of your teeth, no matter what your reason for doing so.

Getting whiter teeth

If you aren't a candidate for teeth whitening solutions, then you can still get a white smile. You will have such options available to you as porcelain veneers that can be put on all your teeth or just on the ones that show when you smile. You can also get a snap-in white aligner that will give the appearance of white teeth.

Getting straight teeth and/or closing gaps

You can get straight teeth and/or close gaps by using braces. There are different types of braces like traditional wire braces or lingual braces that go on the backs of teeth. You can also choose to use clear aligners to get straighter teeth. Sometimes all it takes to close the gaps is a teeth straightening treatment plan. You can also use porcelain veneers for straighter teeth and to close any gaps.

Getting your teeth to be a specific shape

If you would like to give your teeth a specific shape, then you can achieve the desired results by having porcelain veneers put on the teeth that you want to have this effect. You never want to file your teeth for a certain look. This will remove enamel, which is what gives your teeth their hard, protected outside and what protects them from injuries and cavities.

Having a tattoo put on your teeth

You can have a tattoo put on a crown, but not on an actual tooth. Therefore, you will be a great candidate if you have a tooth that is in need of a crown. The tattoo will be added to the layers of the crowns surface during the crowns creation. You can choose any tattoo you would like as long as it can be recognizable on a very, very small scale.

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