Worried About Your Adult Teeth And Cavity Problems? What You May Not Know

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If the health of your adult teeth is starting to decrease significantly and you worry about cavities and decay, it's time to talk with your dentist about the best prevention options out there. You want to prevent small cavities from forming or small cavities from becoming root canals. Schedule a cleaning and checkup, and ask the dentist about the following options before you get out of the chair and leave for another 6 months, so you can keep your teeth strong and healthy.

Fluoride Prescriptions

There are fluoride prescriptions your dentist can prescribe if you aren't getting enough fluoride through dental products and your drinking water, or if your body isn't absorbing it properly. This will help to keep your teeth strong, prevent cavities, and will provide other benefits to the body as well.

The dentist may want to do a fluoride treatment in the chair that day, and insurance will often cover these once a year. The prescription version will contain more fluoride than you would get in an over-the-counter tablet that you buy at the drug store.


Have all of your teeth sealed, not just the molars. Sealing the molars is something that dentists often do for kids as they are growing and in young adults to help protect the teeth. This is something all adults should ask for if they worry about tooth decay and so you can prevent cavities in all your teeth. Find out if your insurance will cover the cost of this or what it will cost out-of-pocket for you.

Proper Oral Healthcare Products

You may not be using the right products for your specific oral healthcare concerns, and you'll want to talk with your dentist about it. You may need toothpaste that specifically targets strengthening the enamel of the teeth or a rinse that has fluoride and that doesn't contain alcohol. You'll want to ask the dentist to make sure you are doing everything you can at home to prevent cavities.

As soon as you have cavity, you have to worry about fillings, a root canal, and eventually full replacement of the tooth. Preventing your adult teeth from getting cavities or the small cavities that you have from getting worse and needing replacement is important if you want to keep your dental costs down and to keep your natural healthy smile. Talk with your dentist about these options and more at your next visit.