The Trouble With Cavities: Treating Pain And Restoring Teeth

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If you have a cavity on one of your teeth, you may be experiencing a great deal of pain. While the exact amount of pain you experience will vary based on your pain tolerance and the size of the cavity, it is important to take the proper steps to treat the pain and put a stop to it for good.

Get Immediate Pain Relief Using a Home Remedy

If you are unable to get to the dental office right away, you may want to know what you can do to treat the pain and get some instant relief. Instead of taking medication, simply buy a bottle of clove essential oil. The oil is a natural antiseptic known to help relieve the pain associated with toothaches. Once you have the oil, simply pour a few drops into a clean container, dip a cotton swab into the oil and then gently apply it on the affected area. It should help to stop the pain within minutes.

If you are unable to find clove essential oil at a local store, you can always buy whole cloves and create your own paste. Simply mash two cloves down using a garlic press and mix with a teaspoon of water to create a thick paste. Apply the paste directly on top of the tooth to get relief from the pain. While cloves can help to reduce and even eliminate the pain you are experiencing, you should only use this remedy as a temporary solution until you can see a dentist.

Visit the Dentist for Treatment

Take time to see the dentist and have your teeth examined. A dentist may be able to easily find the cavity and determine its size. If it is fairly small, you may only need a filling. If the tooth decay is a bit too severe, a crown may be a better option for restoring your tooth and your smile. Dental crowns are made with different materials, but some of the most popular options include ceramic and porcelain.

If a crown is the right treatment for you, the dentist will need to go through a set of steps to complete the procedure. The first step involves getting rid of the decay. You may need to have a few parts of that specific tooth removed so that the crown will fit comfortably without causing you any discomfort. The dentist needs to take a few impressions of your mouth before creating the crown and making it look as natural as possible. As soon as the custom crown is ready for you, the dentist can put it on top of the damaged tooth using dental cement to keep it in place.

Dealing with a toothache caused by a cavity is definitely a burden. However, you can get instant relief for the pain by using cloves. You should also schedule a visit to the dentist to undergo treatment and resolve the problem. The dentist will let you know whether you need a filling or a crown, and he or she can then get started on the procedure to help restore your tooth and improve your smile.

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