Choosing Between Fixed And Removable Dentures

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Traditional dentures can be removed. The advantage of this feature is that the dentures can be removed and cleaned. However, another option is to have your dentures permanently implanted into your jaw. Both removable and fixed dentures have advantages and disadvantages that you must consider to make the right decision.

Traditional Dentures

Traditional dentures make it difficult to chew. Unsecured dentures are also less comfortable and can feel awkward. However, there are newer forms of removable dentures that are more comfortable, such as the removable implant overdentures. Since these implants are attached to dentures, they remain more secure when eating. However, they can still be removed for cleaning purposes. Dentures that are not fixed with dental implants do not stimulate the bone to the degree necessary to prevent bone loss. Bone loss will lead to further oral decay and will make it more difficult for you to keep your dentures in place. Also, your face will have less support and you will begin to look prematurely aged and unhappy.

Removable Dentures With Dental Implants

Even more secure is a denture implant bar. With both the implants and the implant bar, there is no need for adhesives. With both types of removable dentures, it is easier to access the underlying gum tissue, which makes it easier to keep the mount clean and reduce oral decay. The implants stimulate the bone, but not to the same degree as fixed dentures.

All On Four

However, if you simply would like to leave your dentures in permanently, another option is to use the all-on-four option. The entire denture is placed on only four implants. The all-on-four allows for greater stability, which makes bone grafts not necessary. Otherwise, your jaw might not have the bone material necessary to support a single implant and would need to have a graft made from bone matter from another part of your body. The downside is that you cannot remove the dentures from the all-on-four implant.

Fixed Implant Supporting Bridges

Another fixed option is the fixed implant supporting bridges. This implant is designed to stimulate bone so that it does not deteriorate. It is designed to improve taste sensation. However, this approach may require more than four implants, which can increase the cost and the amount of time needed to complete the procedure. But even though there are pros and cons of fixed and removable dentures, you are better off with dentures than without them. Contact a physician, such as Dr. Andres Maeso, for more information.