4 Common Root Canal Questions

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The need to have a root canal can bring up a lot of questions because you want to be well prepared for the procedure before it happens. Here are some common questions about root canals that can help resolve your concerns. 

Will It Be Painful To Get A Root Canal?

Many people think that a root canal is painful, but that is likely only due to the tooth already being in pain. The purpose of a root canal is to relieve the pain, and it can be difficult getting your tooth to be completely numb if you are already having painful side effects. 

This is why it is best to get a root canal when the need is caught early and your dentist recommends it. The tooth will very easily become numb and the root canal procedure will not feel any different than other dental procedures that you have done. 

Is It Better To Pull The Infected Tooth?

You may be wondering if you are better off having the infected tooth pulled than getting a root canal. It is always better to try to save a natural tooth than getting rid of it since that tooth's roots are going to stimulate the jawbone over the years and keep it healthy. 

Keep in mind that the purpose of a root canal is to get rid of that infection. By clearing out the infected pulp, you will be saving the tooth and preventing the need to have it pulled. There is no reason to pull the tooth if there is a procedure that can save it.

Are Some Teeth Easier Than Others To Perform A Root Canal On?

The actual root canal procedure is going to be different depending on which tooth needs dental work. Rear molars actually have a more complicated root system, with multiple roots that have various curves. This makes it harder to perform root canals on those rear molars, which can result in the procedure taking longer.

Teeth closer to the font of the mouth have a more straightforward root system. Some teeth may have a single root that goes straight down, which simplifies the root canal process. 

Is Dental Sedation Used For A Root Canal?

If you are experiencing a lot of anxiety about going to the dentist, know that dental sedation is an option to help the procedure go smoothly. However, many patients simply have their tooth numbed and do not use a form of sedation. It really depends on what your needs are. 

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