3 Things To Talk To Your Kid's Dentist About During Their First Appointment

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If you have a little baby, you may not realize it, but as soon as they start sprouting teeth, you should take them into the dentist. Your dentist will usually just take a look at their teeth, feel around their mouth, and make sure everything is okay. Then, the rest of the appointment will be time for you to ask your kid's dentist some questions. What questions should you be asking them during their first appointment? This article will take a closer look at three things you may want to talk to them about. 

1. Bottles

Bottles are your best friend when you have a little one; especially if you aren't' breastfeeding. However, bottles can also lead to oral problems like bottle rot. If your baby is under the age of two, your doctor may say that it's okay for them to go to bed every night and before every nap with a bottle. If, however, your baby is over the age of two, your dentist may say to switch to water or something else entirely. When the milk (which has a lot of sugar in it) sits on the teeth for too long, it can lead to some serious tooth decay and cavities. 

2. Teeth Brushing

Teeth brushing is another thing that you will want to talk to your dentist about. For instance, you may want to know when you should start using toothpaste, how much toothpaste you should use, and how often is necessary to brush their teeth. If your baby only has a few teeth, your dentist may simply recommend that you use a warm wet toothbrush on their teeth every night before bed. However, if your child has a full set of teeth, then you will probably have to use some sort of toothpaste every time that they brush. 

3. Pacifiers

Pacifiers are a lot of kid's best friend, but they can also lead to things like tooth misalignment and shift things around in their jaw. Depending on the dentist that you have, they may recommend that they give up their pacifier by two years old or even by the age of three. Ask your dentist for some advice on how to get rid of their pacifier so that it's not too big of a struggle. 

As you can see, there are several things that you should talk to your dentist about. To learn more, visit your kid's dentist as soon as you can!