3 Popular Sedation Dentistry Options

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Sedation dentistry is becoming more and more popular for patients of all types. Many find the relaxation and stress-relieving properties a great way to eliminate anxiety over going to the dentist. If you are considering sedation dentistry for your next treatment, check out these three popular options to consider.

1. Inhalation

Inhalation sedation is one of the most well-known dental sedatives. It's nitrous oxide or "laughing gas." During treatment, you wear a nose mask, which releases a mixture of oxygen and nitrous oxide to make you feel loopy. During treatment, you will most likely be awake, but on rare occasions, you may fall asleep. Nitrous oxide is the weakest form of sedation, and it is also affordable. In some cases, your insurance may pay for it. A huge advantage of nitrous oxide is that you don't need a ride after the treatment. The nitrous oxide flushes from your system once you stop breathing it. You may need to wait a couple of minutes before feeling steady again, but you should be fine to drive home.

2. Oral

With oral sedation, the dentist gives you a pill that needs to be taken just before you head to the dentist for treatment. The pill is usually in the Valium family, and therefore, can make you extremely sleepy. Therefore, you will need a ride to and from the dentist. During the procedure, you will be aware of what is happen and can react to oral commands from the dentist, but you may drift off to sleep. Many patients who choose oral sedation also choose inhalation as an added way to relax and stay calm during treatment. Oral sedation is moderate sedation.

3. IV-Conscious

IV-conscious is the strongest form of awake-sedation. You may or may not also take an oral sedative before the procedure, but either way, you'll need a ride. The sedative will leave you feeling too drowsy to drive home safely. Because this sedative is strong, it is common for patients to fall asleep, but you will be easily roused when the dentist speaks to you. There is another form of IV sedation, but it is not conscious, and it is usually reserved for major treatments because you'll need an anesthesiologist.

Sedation dentistry is a great help for many people because it relieves the stress and anxiety of going to the dentist. As a result, patients have healthier smiles because they don't avoid necessary treatments. For more information about sedation dentistry, contact a dental office like Dr. Peggy Alvarez-Penabad.