Why Your Teeth May Shift After The Braces Are Removed

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In a perfect world, you would not have further teeth alignment problems after getting orthodontic treatment. However, this isn't always the case, and it's possible for your teeth to move out of alignment sometime after the removal of the braces. Here are some of the possible reasons for post-braces shifting:

Jawbone Changes Due To Aging

Your jawbones don't stay the same throughout your life; they are constantly changing as you age. Changes in the jawbone definitely affect your teeth because your teeth are attached to the jawbone. For example, the jawbones may lose some of their mass, and the reduction in dentistry will make it easy for the teeth to wiggle. There is also evidence that the angle of the jaw also changes or increases with age. This means that your teeth may slowly lose their initial alignments as you age.

Changes in the Mouth

Any change in your jawbone, gums, and teeth can contribute to dental misalignment. For example:

·         Dental diseases may weaken your jawbone and allow your teeth to move easily

·         Gum diseases may cause gum recession, which weakens your teeth

·         An accident may cause tooth loss, which causes the adjacent teeth to move towards the vacancy

You can't be certain that your mouth will not have any of these changes for the rest of your post-alignment life, which means there is a real risk your teeth may shift.

Dental "Memory"

Your dental tissues, which include the teeth, jawbone, ligaments, among others, have a sort of "memory" that helps them stay in place. It is like they get used to being in certain positions, especially if that is the way they have been conditioned year after year. Using braces to align your teeth interferes with the status quo, and the tissues will tend to move back into their "usual" positions post alignment.

Regular Dental Forces

Lastly, your teeth may also shift due to the regular dental forces they experience on a daily basis. Your teeth experience varying forces when you eat, when you grind your teeth, or just anytime you close your mouth and bring the teeth together. These forces may not cause noticeable changes immediately, but they may cause the teeth to shift in the long run.

There are things you can do to minimize the shifting after your braces have been removed. For example, you should maintain perfect dental hygiene, avoid using your teeth as a tool, and wear your retainers as advised by the orthodontist. Don't forget to consult the orthodontist if you develop any problems on your teeth. To learn more, contact a dental clinic like Brandywine Dental Care.